Folk Art

Early sheet copper banner weather vane

An early sheet copper banner weather vane, New England circa 1840-1860 with the best gilt and verdigris patina. 23”H x 49” l. Weathervanes of this early vintage and condition are very rare. The gauge copper used in this vane is much thicker than the copper used in the manufactured vanes made in the fourth quarter of the 19th century.


Preening yellowlegs shorebird decoy

A preening yellowlegs shorebird decoy by Thomas Langan.Signed TPL stamped on bottom of bird. Circa 1970’s. 12” h x 5 1/4” w.


Contemporary oval pine-needle basket

A contemporary oval pine-needle basket. 6 ½” w x 8” l x 2” h. This is one of over 25pineneedle baskets of varying shapes and sizes available.


Iron Rooster Weathervane

A sheet iron gilt and patinated rooster weathervane 22” h x 20” w by Thomas Langan circa 1990.


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